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5 Awesome Things to Do at SeaWorld San Diego

5 Awesome Things to Do at SeaWorld San Diego

5 Awesome Things to Do at SeaWorld San Diego

Make a step into a world of sea creatures-the only place of endless fun and happiness for your family and friends.

See marine animals from every part of the world like sea lions, various fishes, sharks, sea turtles, and ocean dolphins at the SeaWorld in San Diego.

There are a lot of things to do here since this amusement and entertainment park welcomes visitors and offers various attractions like rides, shows, and animal experiences.

Choose among the attractions of the SeaWorld Abby’s Sea Star Spin, Electric Eel, Journey to Atlantis, Elmo’s Flying Fish, Bayside Sky Ride, Aqua Sky, Manta, and many others that are waiting for you.

Located on a Mission Bay Park this amazing place of attractions and shows offers a fantastic experience by introducing you to orcas, sharks, penguins, dolphins, and many other amazing marine mammals.

Guests of all ages may enjoy here watching an aquarium life and water exhibits along with the most detailed information about marine creatures. Watch their behavior live and learn more.

If you want to be closer to the sea creatures, then the Sea World makes your dream come true.

By visiting dolphin interactions, you may touch, play, and even feed clever dolphins and feel their friendly attitude towards all humans.

Another show is called Beluga Interaction and allows you to enter the water and watch beluga whales live.

You may visit Sea World all year long and celebrate here your favorite holiday. We have prepared a list of the top 5 things to do so you can start your Sea World journey in San Diego right now.

1. Ride the Electric Eel

If you are not afraid of the tallest and fastest rollercoaster then this one will blow your mind with its twists, inversions, and loops. Ride the Electric Eel is up to 150 feet height.

2. Penguin Encounter

This encounter will give you a unique chance to see various penguins from tall Emperor to smaller like Gentoo, Adelie, and Macaroni ones.

Watch and learn by meeting a colony of 300 penguins across your way here.

Meet them face to face and learn more about how do they live in the simulated Antarctic.

3. Dolphin Encounter

Get into a poolside with a trainer and accept dolphin friendship and message of love to all people.

These funny and super smart creatures will make you fall in love with them at first sight.

Learn to communicate with them and take a lesson of hand signals.

Put on your wetsuit, enter the water, play, watch, feed, and even touch these amazing and very kind sea animals.

4. Live Sea Lions Show

The trained animals’ show will be the loveliest part of your holiday here.

These talented sea acrobats will splash tons of water, pose for photos with you, and dance for you by showing their synchronized swimming.

This is the best place for your kids. Don’t miss the chance and visit the show.

5. Beluga Encounter

Your first one on one meeting with beluga whales will last in the memories forever.

You will know much about their Arctic way of life, temperament, and meanings of their sounding calls. All these happen at the poolside and in a very exciting manner.

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